Brunch in Dalston at Cafe Route.

I used to live in East London for a while, but now I’m based in Battersea I don’t visit as often as I should. I have some friends based that side of town though and recently ventured over for a Saturday brunch (what else?)

Our idea was to try the Disco Brunch at Dalston Superstore but sadly even though my gorge friend Michael (known to me as Dr Michael because he’s a doctor, obv) was told they don’t take reservations they definitely do as most of the tables were booked out when we arrived – disappointing! Not for long though, as we headed to what might be one of my fave new brunch spots – Cafe Route.

Cafe Route is a stone’s throw from Dalston Junction overground and describes itself as an urban-chic cafe/bistro, deli and bakery. At around 1pm on a Saturday it was really busy (unsurprisingly as the food looked delicious!) but we managed to grab a table and it was definitely a good choice.


Deli counter at Cafe Route


Deli salads

The breakfast menu consists of a variety of different dishes, ranging from the traditional Full English to the more exotic Turkish Eggs and Kizartma. As we were dining at 1pm we also had the option to choose from the lunch menu which features sandwiches and a selection of colourful salads made fresh along the huge deli counter. Everything looked and sounded amazing!


Saturday morning essentials

We grabbed some coffee while taking an absolutely age to decide what we wanted. I eventually chose the Vegetarian Breakfast (couldn’t resist the eggs!) and definitely wasn’t disappointed. It was definitely one of the freshest and most delicious breakfasts I’ve had in a while. The potato cakes, made from halloumi, mushrooms and spinach, were absolutely amazing! (Obviously I got a side of smashed avo too because I’m basic AF)


Vegetarian Breakfast – potato cakes (halloumi, mushrooms, spinach), free-range fried eggs, Portobello mushroom, grilled tomato, beans & asparagus & artisan bread

My best friend  Matt also chose from the breakfast menu and ordered the Mediterranean Breakfast – another great option featuring a really delicious filo pie filled with feta cheese and vegetables.


Mediterranean Breakfast – grilled halloumi cheese, filo pie (with feta cheese and veg), fried egg, sautéed potatoes, olives, grilled chorizo, salad & clotted cream with artisan bread

Both great choices. Dr M chose from the lunch menu, going for sweet potato and pulled lamb. This too was super fresh, and you have the option to add 2 or 3 of the salads on offer at the deli counter for a small additional cost.


Sweet potato with pulled lamb & sumac onion

As it was an awful rainy day, we hung around for a while after our food drinking more coffee and chatting, and Cafe Route was a great spot to do this. We all loved our meals and I’m excited for my next trip when I’m planning to try the Beetroot Eggs Royale (I’m a new found huge fan of beetroot and had seriously food envy of the girl next to me who had this dish)

Even more excitingly, Cafe Route also serves a huge variety of wine alongside a selection of cheese and charcuterie boards and antipasti in the evening, so this is definitely on my list for my next evening visit East.

Hugely recommend popping to this hidden gem next time you’re in the Dalston area.

LP xo


Brunch babes x

Perfect for: amazing breakfasts (especially vegetarian options), healthy choices, deli salads and sandwiches, chats and coffee with friends

Cafe Route is at Gaumont Tower, London E8 3BQ

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