Back to The Ned for bagel brunch at Zobler’s Deli.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I love The Ned. This weekend I made another visit as part of my attempt to try all of the restaurants there, and headed for brunch at Zobler’s Delicatessen with my lovely friend Ashley. Since the last time we met was to eat amazing Greek food at Suvlaki (here’s a reminder, but you won’t need it since you’ve definitely been clever enough to visit off the back of my review, right?) we had high expectations!

As I’ve described before, The Ned is an amazing, huge space with 9 restaurants and bars. Zobler’s Deli describes itself as a traditional New York deli, and I was interested to see how this would translate in the centre of London.



On a Saturday early afternoon it was pretty quiet, and we were one of only a few diners seated on the long marble tables at Zobler’s. There’s a huge deli counter where the food is made in front of you, so you know it’s all really fresh. When we visited it was counter service only, which was kind of a pain to be honest, but the waitress let us know that this is imminently due to change.


The Deli

The brunch menu consists of a variety of bagels and over-stuffed sandwiches, all of which sounded delicious. There’s also options for more traditional brunch dishes with a twist, including Eggs Benedict on potato latkes and a Salmon Platter which looks absolutely amazing. I definitely want to get that next time.

Drinks wise, Ashley had a glass of champagne whilst I went for a mimosa (because it’s brunch, so what else?) Bottomless mimosas for 2 hours are £20, I didn’t go for it on this occasion, strange for me I know, but the waiter topped me up anyway which was definitely welcome!


Champagne & Mimosa – perfect 

We both opted for the Avocado Bagel, served with radishes, rocket and red onions. Maybe it’s a sign of me being in London for too long but I think at £7 that’s pretty reasonably priced for a place like The Ned in the middle of the city. We asked to add poached eggs (eggs are a brunch necessity, FYI) and they were more than happy to accommodate this, which was great. There’s the option to ‘go deluxe’ for an additional £4, which means that you get a side of fries and coleslaw too – we both did this, obviously, and it was a big portion so definitely the worth it. The fries were some of the best I’ve had in a while!


Avocado Bagel (with a token egg. And a small bit of green stuff)

I was a fan of Zobler’s, and definitely think they’ve been successful at bringing a New York style deli to the middle of London. The food was great and reasonably priced for such lovely surroundings. It would definitely be easy to wile away a couple of hours on the bottomless mimosas whilst trying their menu. The service was a little slow and fragmented, but I’m hoping they iron this out as The Ned continues to get busier!

There was a live singer throughout the meal (a bit too emo for me at times but enjoyable nonetheless) and after finishing up we headed to The Nickel Bar for a drink, to chill and listen to more of the live music, which continues into the evening. By this point it was mid-afternoon and there was still plenty of space for us to grab a comfy seat but I’ve heard that The Ned is now super busy in the evenings so whilst it’s still my fave place ever, I’d definitely recommend getting there early to grab a spot if you can.


Stage @ The Ned

I felt like a cocktail (not like me, I know) and went for the Grey Goose based East Side Fizz – cocktails at The Nickel Bar are mainly around the £11 mark, so on the expensive side but pretty standard for The City. There’s a good selection but nothing really fruity or sweet which are more usual tastes (we aren’t in Clapham now though) Ashley chose a beer and we spent some time people-watching – you can spot some seriously amazing outfits! Another fab visit to The Ned, and I’m already planning which restaurant I’ll be at next!


East Side Fizz & Brooklyn Lager

LP xo

Perfect for: a New York feel in London, fresh deli eats, bottomless mimosas in gorgeous chilled surroundings. 

Zobler’s Deli and The Nickel Bar are at The Ned, 27 Poultry, London EC2R 8BP

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