Bunga Bunga Party Brunch!

My flatmate recently celebrated her birthday and wanted to do something extra fun, so she invited six of us to visit Bunga Bunga for their Saturday party brunch. It’s fair to say that fun was definitely had – what a day!

Bunga Bunga, a quirky Italian pizzeria in Battersea (with a new venue in Covent Garden)  has been running this brunch for a few years now and I’m not ashamed to say that this was my third visit. I may be slightly ashamed to say that it was my third visit this year alone. But it’s such good fun that I just can’t help it.


Inside Bunga Bunga

The premise of the day is simple – the prosecco is unlimited for two hours (with juice on the table to make bellinis if you feel like it) and you’re served a set three course menu whilst enjoying whatever weird and wonderful entertainment features on that occasion.

The prosecco arrives in carafes and the staff are great at keeping these filled up. We never ran empty and never had to attract anybody’s attention to get more, it just kept coming. This definitely contributed to the party vibe which got started within the first 15 minutes – it’s a really rowdy day but such good fun.


Bellini kit

The menu is not your average brunch, but what would you expect from such a quirky venue? The first course is brioche buns with Nutella and jam, a good start to any brunch if you ask me. This is followed by planks of various meats, bread and melon. The vegetarian alternative to this is Eggs Florentine (also served on brioche, so if you don’t like brioche, then soz but you’ll be eating a lot of it if you’re veggie) The food is ok, it’s nothing amazing at this point but to be honest, most people are there for the prosecco and the party and it shows. The atmosphere is buzzing!


Meat selection

The entertainment kicked off with a magician who visits the tables and maybe it was the prosecco, but he was impressive and really funny.


A touch of magic

Following on from this, the pizza arrived – these have the wow factor as they are a metre long with various different toppings in segments, including my personal favourite, the Bunga Benedict. This consists of parma ham, hollandaise sauce and an egg (genuinely Eggs Benedict on a pizza, literally my dream meal) The pizzas are really delicious and there’s more than enough to go round the group, with a great vegetarian alternative too.


Pizza by the metre

By this point, the party was in full swing and the next entertainment slot came in the form of an Elvis impersonator, complete with the dance moves and sequin jacket. It may sound like an odd choice but after all of that prosecco, everyone was definitely in the mood to sing along to some classics.


I was defs more excited than is normal by Jailhouse Rock

Bunga Bunga are pretty strict on the two hour time slot because there’s such a quick turnaround on tables for the next brunch sitting – however the entertainment carries on until 5pm and so you are encouraged to stay in the bar area and carry on the day. For this reason we had opted for the early brunch spot at 11am and I really recommend you do this if you visit – by the time the second slot starts, there’s so many people in the bar area dancing that I can imagine it’s really difficult to get through the brunch! (plus you get more party time this way)

One thing to note – when your brunch slot is over, Bunga Bunga is pretty expensive for drinks, so we made sure to get our fair share of prosecco and take some carafes with us to the bar to keep us going!


Bunga Bunga bar

Karaoke started around 3pm and shortly after this, staff pulled the blinds down and the party really got started. We danced and sang our hearts out until around 5pm when the brunch fun was over and it’s seriously weird to head back out into broad daylight having been partying all day!


This was the situation at 4pm

Bunga Bunga’s brunch is a fab idea for a birthday, hen party or just a really fun day with friends. It’s wild! Your head will definitely hurt around 9pm that night (prosecco problems), but it’s worth it!

LP xo


Absolute squad goals TBH

Perfect for: bottomless brunch when you’re bored of bottomless brunch

Party at Bunga Bunga at 37 Battersea Bridge Rd, Battersea, London SW11 3BA


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