Picking up a prescription at Evans and Peel Pharmacy.

I met one of my best friends Rosanna when we worked at ITV together two and a half years ago, and we bonded immediately over a shared love of Sauvignon Blanc. We’ve been besties ever since and  always have the best fun. She’s totally on board with visiting great places with me for the purposes of this blog and this week we visited Evans and Peel Pharmacy in Chiswick on their second day of opening.

The Pharmacy is a second venture from the guys behind Evans and Peel Detective Agency which has been open in Earls Court since 2012. Like the Detective Agency, the Pharmacy is set in the 1920s and is a ruse to the authorities of the Prohibition era as to what is really going on behind the doors.

On making an appointment at the Pharmacy, you need to tell them your medical condition and be prepared to elaborate on this once you get inside, in order to get the correct prescription.

From the street, the Pharmacy looks like….well….a pharmacy, and you’re required to ring the intercom in order to speak to the Pharmacist and be let in for your appointment.



I’m here for my appointment

He took his time about it (all part of the game), but a few minutes later we were let into the Pharmacy for our slot with the pharmacist. The attention to detail is amazing and the place really feels like a 1920s pharmacy with wonderful and weird remedies everywhere.



Inside the Pharmacy 

The medical condition we’d given on our appointment booking was the Black Death and I’m not sure the pharmacist really knew how to treat this once we explained our symptoms to him….but he tried anyway! Our prescription was dispensed to us through the dispensary window in a brown bag and our appointment was over. However, the pharmacist then advised alcohol might help with our ailments and invited us into the bar – we were more than happy to give this suggestion a try!


Waiting for our prescriptions….

The attention to 1920s details carries on into the venue and we were seated at the bar, which was great because we were in the centre of the action and also got to chat to the absolutely lovely bar staff. Our prescription bag contained some salted nuts and flavouring for our water (which was served in a measuring cup, obv, because it’s a pharmacy)


Prescription received – salted nuts heal all wounds, apparently

We were presented with a clipboard which listed the further remedies available to us – cocktails and food. We got straight on with trying to cure ourselves!


Medicine round 1

The cocktails on the menu are quirky and with the venue being 1920s themed, don’t expect the kind of pink candyfloss drinks you might normally see on this blog. The bar manager recommended two of his favourites and we loved them (the menu is so top secret that I can’t link you to the list of ingredients – you’ll have to visit for yourself!)

We moved onto champagne cocktails for our second round and I highly recommend these! The guys continued to suggest drinks based on our tastes and he was even happy to oblige when I asked him for “a pretty Gin and Tonic with fruit in”!


Medicine Round 2

If you’re looking for a new bar to try then this is definitely it. The experience of meeting the pharmacist and going through with the appointment to get to the bar is really fun, and it feels top secret and exciting once you’re inside.

We didn’t try the food this time but they serve a selection of grilled cheese sandwiches, and I had serious food envy of a person on a nearby table who ordered nutella and mascarpone brioche.


Food prescription list 

Adding to the confidential feel, you need to ask the pharmacist to escort you out of the venue once you’re feeling suitably recovered, and there’s an opportunity to take that all-important Instagram pic of you and your crew in the pharmacy.


I’m not sure you’re going to hear much mate

We were really lucky to visit on the second night of opening and the pharmacist was taking lots of appointments throughout the night. The pharmacy do take walk ins (you never know when you might get struck with an illness, right?) but if you want to be sure of getting a slot I’d definitely recommend booking in advance.

The experience made for a really fun Tuesday night and I’m hoping Evans and Peel add a third secret venue soon!

LP xo


Perfect for: something a little different, 1920s speakeasy vibes

Get your own prescription at Evans and Peel Pharmacy, 42 Devonshire Road, Chiswick, London, W4 2HD.


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