A Happy Hour (or four) at Tequila Mockingbird.

Tequila Mockingbird has been one of my favourite bars in Putney since it opened in 2015, so I was really pleased to find out in July that they were opening a new branch in Clapham – even more convenient for me! Yay! I headed there on a Saturday evening to try their new venue.

The new bar is on Battersea Rise and has replaced Rise 46, a cocktail bar that closed earlier this year. When we arrived at around 6pm, it wasn’t very busy and there were lots of tables available. They were all reserved from around 9/10pm though, so definitely book an area in advance if you want to head down a bit later on.

The bar is split across two floors – the main area upstairs where most of the fun takes place, and a basement room below. The basement was closed when we visited, probably because it was a quiet time, but it has its own bar and looks like a good space if you want to a hire a private area for a party.


Upstairs Bar 


Basement Room

We took a seat and the really friendly staff told us they’d be over to take our order – table service always makes a bar much better in my opinion so this was great. The cocktail menu is extensive and even more excitingly it was Happy Hour until 9pm, and all cocktails were 2 for 1. This runs every day and on a Thursday is extended until 11pm and also includes bottles of prosecco! Definitely my kind of place. We got started on the cocktails right away. I ordered (of course) the vodka Disney Princess (garnished with actual candy floss) and my friend Phil ordered the rum based Kraken On, purely down to the name.


Disney Princess (complete with candy floss!), Kracken On

Both were really yummy but we didn’t expect to get 2 of each – so it’s worth noting that the Happy Hour offer includes 2 of the same cocktail only. We didn’t mind though as both of them were delicious!

For the next round we moved onto Espresso Martinis and these were equally yummy. The lovely server told us that he’d put added some chocolate in to make them taste sweeter and as a self-appointed Espresso Martini connoisseur, these definitely passed my test.


Espresso Martinis

A while later our final choice in Tequila Mockingbird was the Midnight Kiss – Malibu rum, black vodka with lemon juice, sugar syrup and blackberries. This was possibly my favourite choice of the night – although not as pretty as the Disney Princess, it tasted gorgeous!


Midnight Kisses (my favourite!)

By the time we made our way through most of the cocktail menu, it was around 10pm and the atmosphere was buzzing, it was getting really busy. We decided to head onto another bar for a scenery change, but this spot is definitely one to try if you fancy a fun night on a Saturday in Battersea – it’s going to be popular. I’d recommend getting there early if you want to take full advantage of the Happy Hour like I definitely did!

I’ll be returning to Tequila Mockingbird for sure to sample the rest of their menu (and Mojito Mondays) and I’d recommend you do the same!

LP xo


A good question…..

P.S – A special mention to the nearby SouthSider Cocktail Club which was our next stop – by this point we had definitely had enough cocktails but decided to pop in for one more and we both went for the Vanilla Cheesecake – this is absolutely for you if you fancy a treat as it’s smothered in whipped cream and comes with a biscuit on top. They also treated us to free popcorn which was a great snack at that point in the night. Another great little bar on Battersea Rise which I’ll be sure to visit again soon properly!


Vanilla Cheesecakes at SouthSider Cocktail Club 


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