Frunch: the new Brunch?

It’s no secret that London is crazy for brunch. As you’ve probably noticed, I love nothing more than eggs, avocado and bottomless bubbles on a Saturday (or Sunday….or both) afternoon. I’m gradually trying to make my way around the best brunch spots in the capital and am thoroughly enjoying it. However, recently something new was brought to my attention: frunch.

Bad Egg in Moorgate have been running a weekend bottomless brunch for a while, and they’ve now taken it one step further with the launch of frunch – Friday afternoon late lunch with the all-important free-flowing alcohol. What better way to get in the mood for the weekend?


Sadly, a lot of us probably work on a Friday. However Bad Egg have been kind enough to make sure the frunch menu runs until 11pm, so even if you don’t have the luxury of a free Friday afternoon, you can still get involved in the fun.

One of the perks of working at an ad agency is the early Friday finishes throughout summer and when two of my best friends had the afternoon free too, we decided to take the opportunity to head to Bad Egg and experience frunch for ourselves.


The frunch menu is £32 for a main, a side, and free flowing alcohol for two hours (there’s also a virgin version for £25) The drinks on offer are frozen margaritas, prosecco or mimosas, and something I really liked was that, unlike some other places I’ve tried, you were able to switch between the three choices throughout the meal.

At 4.45pm the restaurant wasn’t too busy, it’s a diner style venue and we were seated straight away in a booth. The waiter immediately asked us which drinks we’d like and pretty quickly we were served our frozen margaritas which were tasted great – so far, so good!


Frozen Margs x3

The menu has 8 different options for main course, and my advice would definitely be that if you’re looking for a healthy choice, Bad Egg is not the place to find it. That was fine with us though! There is a selection of burgers, hashs and a token fried chicken salad. There’s only one vegetarian choice – the Mac n Cheese bun. I was pleased to see that pretty much everything is served with an egg, my fave (although if you’re vegan I think you’d be really hard pressed to find something here) The side orders on offer are fries, slaw or green salad.

I chose the Pulled Pork and Kimchi Hash and it was definitely a good stomach liner. A decent size portion, it had lots of vegetables, fried potatoes and a good serving of pork, smothered with lots of plastic-y cheese (this may not be to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed it and it was keeping with the diner feel) I opted for green salad as my side order and although the clue is in the name, I feel like this could be improved massively by adding some tomatoes, cucumber or pepper and jazzing it up a bit – it was just green lettuce drenched in dressing. Ok, but not amazing.


Pulled Pork and Kimchi Hash, Green Salad

One of my friends went for the Chicken Burger (served with guacamole and an egg, of course) and his review was distinctly average. The other went for the Harissa Lamb Hash, similar to the Pulled Pork version with plenty of crispy potatoes. He enjoyed it but it was very spicy which wasn’t expressed on the menu. Both got side orders of fries which were tasty.


Chicken Burger


Harissa Lamb Hash, Fries 

My friend described the food as “hearty and humble” which I think sums it up. It’s nothing special or amazing, but it’s ok and there’s a good selection on the menu. I’d definitely like to see more vegetarian choices though.

In terms of drink, after our first round of frozen margs, we moved onto the prosecco. We had a new waiter by this point and he wasn’t quick on the refills – we had to ask every time for the glasses to be topped up even though it wasn’t overly busy. He was always happy to oblige, but given the food wasn’t really that special, the fizz is what you’re paying for and I would have loved it to be quicker.

That said, the three of us had a great time and left suitably tipsy, we headed to the bar next door, The Refinery, to carry on our prosecco party and it’s lovely there. The atmosphere in Bad Egg was picking up by the time we left and I’ve heard it gets super rowdy on a Saturday at brunch when the drinks are in full flow!

I don’t think frunch will be taking over from the brunch scene anytime soon, but it’s definitely worth a visit if your tastes aren’t too fancy and you find yourself with a free Friday sometime soon.

LP xo

Perfect for: an informal boozy afternoon in the city, hearty no-fuss food.

Have frunch yourself at Bad Egg, 1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW.

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