Bubbles brunch at Mommi.

Before he met me, my boyfriend had never eaten brunch and he wasn’t a massive prosecco fan either. I know, right? However over the past year he’s definitely bought into the brunch scene (I like to think so anyway) and this weekend we headed for bottomless brunch at Mommi in Clapham.


We booked into the 3.15pm slot – due to being last minute on deciding on our plans, it was that or 11am and I didn’t want to interfere with my Saturday lie in. Definitely book ahead if you want a more brunch friendly time.

The menu describes itself as 1.5 hours of unlimited prosecco or sparkling rose, with a three course chef’s selection brunch, for £32.50. Having heard great things about Mommi in the past, I was excited to try it!

Ok, first things first – by 3.15pm it was rowdy! A definite party vibe, with a DJ pumping out some great 90s and 00s tunes. If you’re looking for a relaxed catch up or a casual chat with friends – Mommi’s brunch offering isn’t for you. If however you’re in the mood for downing serious amounts of prosecco and having a dance to B*witched or Britney Spears (and who isn’t, really?) then definitely give it a try!


One of my favourite things about Mommi is that we were given the bottles of prosecco on the table rather than waiting to be topped up by the staff – always a plus when you’re in the party mood.

The waitress brought over our first course pretty quickly, a small bowl of tortilla chips with some smashed avo. Not the most inventive dish but good to nibble on while we decided on the main course.


Tortilla chips and smashed avo 

The menu gives a choice of four main courses in the deal and I went for Huevos Rancheros – scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato and mushrooms with beans, crispy tortillas and cassava fries.


Huevos Rancheros 

To be honest, although the food was tasty, I was disappointed. There just wasn’t very much of it, especially the egg which as we know is my very favourite food. Almost a third of the plate consisted of tortilla chips – which I’d just eaten for the first course. Although this is a great vegetarian option, I wouldn’t order it again.

My boyfriend, however, really enjoyed his choice of Churrasco steak and two fried eggs, with sweet potato fries. His review was “f**king deec” (he’s an Essex boy, what can I say) and having spied other diners eating the other two main courses on offer, Latin Eggs Benedict and Smashed Avo on Toast, the steak is definitely the best and biggest option. It looked delicious!


Churrasco Steak and Eggs 

The dessert consisted of Cinnamon Waffle Churros with chocolate sauce – again a really small portion and contributed to my thinking that the food (with the exception of the steak dish) isn’t really great value for money here. What you’re paying for is the atmosphere and it’s banging and really fun (not for the faint hearted though – some of the party goers do go a bit too hard on the prosecco and I helped one poor girl who had thrown up all over the bathroom…not a great day for her!)

We had a great time and the prosecco bottle was replaced whenever we were running empty – always a good thing! The food is also 100% gluten free which gives a lot of extra choice to those with dietary requirements.

I won’t be rushing back (although I would like to try the dinner menu) but will keep Mommi in mind for next time I’m in need of a fun, party brunch with great cheesy tunes!

LP xo


What better way to spend a Saturday? 

Perfect for: brunch with friends when you’re up for a party! 

Find Mommi at 44-48 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7UR

Review of Mommi Clapham Brunch
Review Clapham Mommi Bottomless Brunch

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